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20 Creative Logo Designs For Inspiration

Making a logo could be an easy task for someone. But, making a well-designed logo with up-to-date design trends is not an easy task. You can literally go through hundreds of drafts before coming up with the perfect logo. Hence, being up-to-date with the latest trends in design will always help you to get inspired in designing the best logos.  Some of the best logos always manage to communicate the ideas and values they want to show to their customers in a very creative and special way. In today’s article, I have listed down some creative logo designs which I personally found are interesting and amazing. 

Do check out this collection for your design inspiration and I really hope this would help you in your logo designs journey!

1. Up Forward

*This is a cool yet creative design (up with stairs).

*This is a cool yet creative design (up with stairs).

2. See

*A simple yet creative logo design.

*A simple yet creative logo design.

3. Barknews Media

A great example of mascot being used in a logo.

*The mascot is a TV and mic fitted onto a dog’s body. The expressive barking graphic works well to communicate to the audience that they’re going to get the latest news loud and clear.

4. Open

This logo design uses 'o' and 'p' to form a key.

*O and P letters to form a key.

5. Invisible

Invisible for 'i'.

*As the name shows, ‘i’ is invisible.

6. Run

 A cute and simple logo design.

*The R with a pair of running legs is just too suitable for its name.

7. On Wine

A bottle of wine and words concept for a wine restaurant/shop logo design.

*This design uses a bottle of wine and words concept for a wine restaurant or shop.

8. Cycling Association

*A simple yet effective design for cycling association.

*A simple yet effective logo design for cycling association.

9. Choose

A logo design with an on/off button to replace 'o'.

*This design uses a on/off button to replace the alphabet ‘o’.

10. Page Fold

A creative yet memorable logo design.

*P is being folded like the name shows “page fold”.

11. Message

*This shows a hidden concept logo design: Message.

12. Spartan Golf Club

A logo design that finds a great way to integrate their name with golf.

*This is a great integration of the name with golf. The symbol is making a golf swing and the motion of the swing makes a symbol that’s similar to the Spartan helmet plumes.

13. Angry File

A logo design that is straightforward yet simple.

*A file with an angry emoji icon perfectly matches the name.

14. Louder

*This logo design uses the thickness of the fonts to emphasize the ‘louder’ effect as the name shows.

15. Motion

*The focus is on the loose typography and the wheel symbols that substitute the ‘o’ to create a logo that best describes their animation studio.

16. Giant Owl

An incredibly creative logo design for a production company.

*The two circles of the owl represent the company’s name. The inside of the owl’s eye represents a film reel.

17. Galactic Records

A logo design with a great iconography to tell people what it is about.

*It uses great iconography to represent the name of the company while also creating imagery about what the company is about.

18. Cook eat Love

*The top of the logo shows the handle of a charcuterie board which works perfectly with the cooking theme.

19. SpaceSettings

A logo design with a simple yet very unique design.

*The iconography is a simple gear symbol but the space theme is drawn into the center of it to create a visual that is very familiar yet very unique.

20.Subtle Yoga

A logo design with a little offbeat to reference the name.

*The designer could have easily used a perfectly balanced symbol but decided to make the center of this logo a little offbeat to reference the name.

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Well, to conclude, once you have your perfect logo ready for your business, it’s time for you to market your business online! Don’t forget to consult a professional digital marketing agency to help you to build your brand’s presence on social media!