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How To Write A Perfect About Us Page?

No matter what industry you are in, the About Us page is definitely equally important as other pages like Home, Services, FAQ and Contact us for your website. If you are struggling on how to write a good About Us page, you must be realizing how important is a good About Us page. It is not only about “This is who we are”, but also showing your customers why they should choose you over other businesses and how your company is the perfect person to solve their problems. 

What Is An About Us Page?

When a visitor wants to know more about your business, the About Us page is the first page they will look for. This is the place where you and your business connect with your customers, building trust with your customers by telling your story, your vision, your mission, your journey, what makes you and your team.

An About Us page should highlight the biggest selling point of your brand, give your users insights not only into your brand but also the people behind, and leave a strong impression to your customers.

So, What to Include In Your About Us Page?

1.Include A Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition (USP) refers to the specific benefit that makes your business stand out among competitors in the market. If your business has a strong USP that makes you different from your competitors, you should draw attention to it and put it in your About Us Page.

You should tell your customers what makes you different from your competitors and your products or services can uniquely show value to them. You can’t just talk about how unique your brand is.. Customers want to know how your brand can be so unique compared to other brands and in what forms. You should show this to your target audiences on what they really care about, how this can relate back to your brand and how your business is able to help them to solve their problems.  For instance, if your USP is that your products are free from animal testing, explain why that is important to your brand and your customers.

Here is one example that the brand has done the USP right, Saddleback Leather. When you visit the website, you will see a famous tagline of “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.” They even have a 100-year warranty that promises a guarantee that the products will last you a lifetime and then some. This is a good USP that is unique enough to differentiate how they are so unique compared to other brands in the market.

2.Tell Your Brand Story

Storytelling is a powerful tool to draw the attention of the people to visit your page. Instead of just telling people who you are, what you do and why you start your business in words, it is better for you to turn your brand into a story where people would feel curious and interested to know about you and your business. 

There is no other story quite like yours where it is the place that makes your brand so unique. If people are curious about your brand, they might be quite interested to know more about you and your business. 

Brand storytelling lets you connect with your customers through shared values, allows potential customers to resonate with you, appreciate your motives and what made you take on the mission to solve their problems. Below shows a great example of The TOMS Story | TOMS® heartwarming story of their humble beginnings and how they started their brand to help those who are in need. 

3. Show Your Team

Apart from telling people your brand story, what you and your business do, what makes you start this journey and why you are the ideal choice that people should choose you, you should let your visitors know your teams who fight together with you.

Introducing every single of your team members and what positions they have in your company helps to build a connection with your audience. Besides, putting a face to your brand helps to humanize it, communicate your company culture and let people get to know your company better in a closer way. When people get to know every one of your team members, they are more likely being inspired by your brand story and perhaps buying from you.

4. Include A Video Or Gallery of Photos

Apart from just putting on texts, it is better if you can mix up the media like photos or video to add variety and look more attractive for your page. Having just all texts might look a bit dull and boring in the eyes of the visitors. According to the survey, it shows that visuals are the best way to catch readers’ eyes and people can recall 65% of visually presented information three days after seeing it.

If you have no idea what visuals to include on your page, a nice photo of your working environment or even behind-the-scenes photos could be a good idea. Rather than placing those professional thumbnails on your page, customers might be more interested to know the insides of your company than anything else. It is even a great idea if you are able to make a video to introduce your brand, your story or your team for your visitors to know you. This makes them feel closer to your brand and get to know your brand better than what they assume.

5. Keep Your About Us Page Updated

Look, once you have created a perfect About Us page and share it to the world, don’t forget to update it once in a while. The ideal time is to update it every 6 months, keep this as a habit. 

You might have different ideas or creativity want to improve on your About Us page over time, like adding a video of behind-the-scenes of your team or even want to include a contact form there. It is up to your creativity, as long as it achieves what your customers might want to know from you and your brand. This is why it is best advised to keep a habit of updating the page every half year.


Most importantly, don’t let your About Us page ruin the trust that people might have on you. Keep it nicely, attractive and informative. Only you can figure out what is best for you and your brand, so keep testing and you will find the one that is best fit. Keep improving and make it a killer one!