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Tips For Working With Facebook Algorithms

In this technology era, businesses use social media as a marketing tool to reach a wider audience and to promote their brands. Facebook is one of the top social media platforms that businesses use. However, for the past few years, Facebook keeps changing and updating its algorithms where businesses have to make sure their marketing strategies align well with the algorithms. 

So, What Are Facebook Algorithms?

Facebook algorithms control the ordering and presentation of posts, so users see what is most relevant to them. It decided which posts users see on their News Feed and in what order, every time they check it.

The goal of Facebook algorithms is to show the content that matters to users rather than publish content chronologically. Before getting to know how to work with Facebook Algorithms, you should know the 4 factors how Facebook determines whether the posts matter to the users and how they work with each other.


It refers to all posts available to show in a user’s News Feed.


It acts as an indicator that tells Facebook what content to show. The most important thing is that you want your content to signal to Facebook that it is meaningful and serving your target audience correctly.


It shows how users behave and how they will react to each post.


It represents the final score based on its relevance to the user.

And How to Work with Facebook Algorithms

Start Conversations

In other words, make sure people engage with your content and interact with each other.

You want your brand page to be recognized and earn more engagement by people. The end result is to get your content to be able to start conversations and interact positively with your followers and make them share with the people around like what they do for some popular brands.

Generate Great Content

We always say that ‘content is king’, hence, to attract people to visit and follow your page, you must make your page with content that is valuable for people to follow. For instance, if you are an online fashion seller, you should make people who visit your online store have an awesome shopping experience by keeping the steps as easy as possible.

One thing to keep in mind is to avoid using engagement bait to attract people to react to your post. This way would not help you to increase engagement instead it will make users feel you are not capable of producing great content. What you should do is to create content that inspires people to engage with your post rather than using the bait which makes people feel uncomfortable.

Choose A Good Timing To Post

Apart from creating great content for your post, timing is another thing you should consider. Make use of Facebook Insights to see when your fans are online and choose to post during that time so your posts could be seen by most people.

Depending on what type of your audience, you should make sure the timing you post aligns with the time they are online. Even if you create an amazing post, it is useless if your post can’t reach as many people. So, timing is important.

Reply To People’s Comments

As we mentioned earlier, creating content that can engage with your followers is the first step to attract followers. When people comment on your post, you have won some engagement.  

However, you can’t stop here and you have to reply to people’ comments. Once they get your replies, they will feel that you are putting efforts in communicating and interacting with them. This will also signal to Facebook that your business is responsive to the needs and inquiries of the customers. When Facebook receives this signal, this will help to increase your brand awareness and make your posts appear more frequently on users’ News Feed.

Use Facebook Ads

Apart from using organic content to reach your audience, Facebook ads are one of the ways for you to reach a wider audience and expand your connection on Facebook. If your business is planning to run a marketing campaign or a year-end sales on Facebook to gain more conversion, Facebook ads work the best with helping your business to reach more people. 

You can even run Facebook ads as low as only $5 per day and select your own audiences for it. However, your budget might affect the success of your ads. Hence, depending on how wide the audience you want to reach, you decide how much for your budget. Combine your organic growth strategy with paid ads, it would only work the best for your marketing strategy.

Involve Your Team

Depending solely on organic reach for your posts might not be enough, as your Facebook page reach is somewhat limited by the number of followers you have. 

Besides, since Facebook updated its algorithm to prioritize content from friends and family over businesses, it is the perfect chance to get your team involved by encouraging them to share your content on their already established networks. Make use of this built-in fan base especially if your team has a stronger connection on Facebook than your brand.

Track Your Performance

After getting all steps done to engage your followers on Facebook, don’t forget to track your performance through Facebook Insights. Make use of this free tool to keep tracking on how well your page and your post perform, including all data that you want to know like how your audience engages with your content, when they are most active and so on. Track using this tool and optimize your page and post from here.


It can’t be denied that Facebook plays a massive presence and role in our personal and also business life. Hence, businesses should stay in line with Facebook updates so that they are able to respond quickly and flexibly with their marketing strategies. Knowing how Facebook algorithms work helps you to create the most effective marketing strategies on Facebook.